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Apple Valley Fire Protection District

Commitment to Service Excellence.

Office of the Fire Marshal

As Fire Marshal, one of my main responsibilities is ensuring the safety of our community. At the Apple Valley Fire Protection District, we prioritize Community Risk Reduction (CRR). Our CRR Division and emergency response teams undertake various fire prevention measures, including community development initiatives, ensuring compliance, and educating the public. The Community Risk Reduction Division handles fire investigations, employing highly skilled Fire Investigators who utilize a systematic approach and deep understanding of fire science. While flashy rescues often grab headlines, today’s fire service focuses equally on preventing fires and minimizing loss of life and property. Our proactive stance aims to reduce risks and emergencies in the Apple Valley Fire District, guided by a commitment to service excellence. We sincerely appreciate your support as we work towards a safer community, and we thank you for your efforts in prioritizing safety for yourself and your loved ones.

In addition to our proactive community risk reduction efforts, the Apple Valley Fire Protection District conducts State Mandated Apartment Inspections and Annual Operational Permitted Inspections to further enhance safety within our community. These inspections play a crucial role in ensuring that residential and commercial properties comply with state regulations and safety standards.

State Mandated Apartment Inspections involve thorough assessments of multi-unit residential buildings to identify and address potential fire hazards, ensure proper fire suppression systems are in place, and verify that emergency exits are accessible and functional. By conducting these inspections, we aim to mitigate fire risks and create safer living environments for residents.

Annual Operational Permitted Inspections are conducted to verify that businesses and other establishments within our jurisdiction comply with operational permits issued by the fire district. These inspections cover a range of safety aspects, including fire suppression systems, emergency evacuation plans, hazardous materials storage, and overall fire safety protocols. By ensuring compliance with operational permits, we help prevent emergencies and protect both property and lives.

Through these inspections, along with our comprehensive Community Risk Reduction initiatives, the Apple Valley Fire Protection District remains dedicated to enhancing public safety and minimizing the impact of emergencies in our community. We appreciate your cooperation and support as we work together towards a safer and more resilient future.


Regular Board Meeting

Tuesday, June 18th, 2024, 6 PM
At Fire Station 336
19235 Yucca Loma Road, Apple Valley, CA 92307
Public is Welcome to Attend

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