History of Apple Valley Fire Protection District

1951The Apple Valley Fire District was formed in January 1951 and conducted their first meeting of the Fire Board was held on January 25, 1951 in the old Apple Valley Post Office Building.

When originally formed, the Fire District encompassed about 26 square miles. With only a few homesteads and small ranches. But with future growth came a need for a fire station by August of 1951, the District passed a 20 year – $40,000 bond to build the first fire station.

By 1961/62 the fire district had a fiscal Budget of was $85,610. In 1962, under the California Heath and Safety Code Local Fire District Law of 1961, the Fire District became known as “Apple Valley Fire Protection District”.

Up until the mid 1970s, the volunteer firemen were alerted by loud sirens which could be heard throughout the community; subsequently, personal pagers were issued. By 1981, a joint powers authority was created with the local fire agencies to share the costs of modern dispatching of fire resources. This JPA was known as the Regional Fire Protection Authority. It was expanded into providing fleet-maintenance as well.

With over 55,000 residents in the town of Apple Valley by 1997. Measure V, a 20 year tax measure was passed by the citizens of Apple Valley to help fund the fire district and add paramedics to the District. Since that time the fire disctrict has increased their stations with the Solera Fire Station as the most recent. (Fire Station 337) The land and fire station was donated to the Fire District by Pulte Homes as a part of their development in Jess Ranch, this station is currently closed.

Lewis_Kobold 8-25-09 020In 2009 when the City of Victorville contracted with San Bernardino County Fire, and the RFPA was put in abeyance. The Fire District contracted with San Bernardino County ‘Comm Center’ for communications.

Since these early “pioneering” days of the Fire District, the District boundaries and services have grown to meet the needs and demands of the community. Today we serve over 90,000 citizens and cover 206 square miles. The Fire District has always taken pride in keeping up with advancing service technology and modern fire service delivery systems. A main component of the District which has remained unchanged is the dedication of District employees to their occupation and community.

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