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Apple Valley Fire Protection District

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Hazard Abatement

Hazard Abatement

The Hazard Abatement Program is one of the Fire District’s Fire Prevention Programs.  The goal of this program is to protect the community by making sure combustible vegetation and debris are removed from properties to reduce the available amount of fuel for fires.   Annually over 25,000 parcels within the Town of Apple Valley limits are inspected.  Properties that are identified to have hazards will receive an abatement notice and are typically given 30 days to complete the abatement.  A secondary inspection will be conducted after the deadline to ensure the property was brought into compliance with abatement standards.  In cases of noncompliance, the Fire District may have the hazard abated at the property owner’s expense.

Hazard Abatement Complaints:  (760) 247-3585 or send an email to– indicate the hazardous property address and your contact information for follow-up.

Your weeds can turn from green to brown in a matter of days.  Protect Your Home!

Burn Permit Information

Do I Need A Burn Permit To Burn Weeds?


How Do I Obtain A Burn Permit?

Burn permit applications are available and sold at our Headquarters Station located at 22400 Headquarters Drive, Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays)  8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Burn permits are $15.00 (cash, check, or credit/debit) and are valid one year from the date of purchase.

How Do I Know If I Can Burn?

On the day you intend to burn you must contact the Dispatch Center at 1-800-472-2376 or 909-356-3805 prior to burning to ascertain if it is a “burn day”.   If it is an authorized burn day you may burn between the hours of 6:00 am and 12:00 pm only.   The Fire District does not determine whether or not it is a burn day, that is determined by the AQMD and can be suspended due to high levels of smog, high fire danger, or high winds.

What Am I Allowed To Burn:

A burn permit authorizes you to burn yard vegetation, such as weeds/tumble weeds, grasses, leaves, pine needles, and small tree trimmings (no larger than 2” in diameter). You MAY NOT burn processed wood (lumber, building/construction debris, cardboard, paper), tires, or household garbage.

The following is a partial list of combustible vegetation and debris that could be considered a fire hazard and therefore requested to be abated.
Tumbleweeds (Russian Thistle), Dead trees/tree limbs, Dead plants, Dry grasses over 4” high. Yard clippings, Pine needles, Tree trimmings, Wood or lumber (not stacked as firewood), Tires, and Paper/Cardboard.

Click here for information on Defensible Space

Board Meeting

Tuesday, February 20, 2023
6 PM
At Fire Station 336
19235 Yucca Loma Road
Apple Valley, CA 92307
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