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Defensible Space

Defensible Space, Do You Have It? The definition of defensible space

The definition of defensible space is: the required space between a structure (home, detached garage, outbuildings, etc.) and the wildland area that, under normal conditions, creates a sufficient buffer to slow or halt the spread of a wildland fire to a structure. Defensible space protects the structure from igniting due to direct flame or radiant heat. It is essential for structure survivability during wildland fire conditions and equally important for the protection of firefighters defending your home/property.

There are several areas within Apple Valley that would be considered Wildland Urban Interface (WUI), which simply means living near a naturally vegetated area. These areas include, but are not limited to, the Riverside Drive and Mariana areas.

  • Knowing what you do now about defensible space, would your home survive?
  • Take a look around your property and make sure it is as fire safe as possible. Use this checklist to determine your defensible space.
  • Are your trees trimmed? Are branches a minimum of 10’ from structures?
  • Do you have dry leaves and pine needles in your yard, on the roof, or in the rain gutters?
  • Are wood piles at least 35’ away from structures?
  • Are grasses mowed down to no higher than 4”?
  • Are combustible materials removed from under and around propane tanks?

If a fire does occur be ready with your Emergency Action Plan to evacuate when you are asked to by the fire department or law enforcement.

For additional information on how to make your property fire ready or how to create your own personal emergency action plan contact the Apple Valley Fire Protection District at (760)247-7618.

Click here for the Fire District’s Hazard Abatement page


Fire Station 335 which is located at 21860 Tussing Ranch Road is leased by the Fire District toCalFIRE. This station is staffed full-time with a Basic Life Support (BLS) engine, E3557. Throughout the year, inspections (LE 100) are done on properties within the State Responsibility Area (SRA) to mitigate potential fire hazards. E3557 also responds to assist AVFPD on structure fires, high-priority medical aids or traffic accidents within close proximity to Station 335 in order to quickly render aid.

What does the LE 100 inspection include? Click here to review a copy of the LE 100 form.

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