Apartment Inspections

Dear Property Owner and/or Manager,

The California State Senate Bill No. 1205, requires Apple Valley Fire Protection District to perform an annual Fire and Life Safety Inspection of your property. Inspections will be scheduled annually, March through October, beginning in 2023. Please note: this inspection is separate from The Town of Apple Valley’s inspection they conduct as we are separate entities.  District personnel will be verifying the “self-inspection” forms for each apartment complex that should have been submitted. If you have not completed your forms and provided current contact information, please complete this information on our website at www.avfpd.org as soon as possible. As part of the State of California’s mandated requirements, a Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide Certification is also required for you to complete, sign, and submit that can also be found on the website.  The inside of individual apartment units is not part of the inspection; therefore, no appointments are necessary.   After the Fire District’s inspection is completed, you will be notified via email when the inspection is complete and if any corrections are needed. A re-inspection, if needed,  will be conducted in 14 or more days. If corrections are not made before the reinspection date and a subsequent inspection is necessary, you will receive a re-inspection fee.  Each additional visit thereafter will require additional re-inspection fees until all corrections are completed.

Per Apple Valley Fire Protection District’s fee Ordinance 60 the fees are as follows

1-4 Units

$93.00   annually

5-25 Units

$168.00 annually

26-100 Units

$242.00 annually

100+ Units

$391.00 annually

Site Re-Inspections 


(Charged Each Inspection After Two Inspections)

If you are in the process of selling, or no longer own the property, please contact our office immediately so we can update our records. Please also make sure that you provide us with your most up to date contact information.

We appreciate your assistance and support in ensuring your property meets the mandated life safety requirements for your occupants.

If you should have any other questions, please contact me via email at bpachman@avfpd.org  or at (760) 247-7618 x 104.

Please fill out these forms to start your inspection

Frequently Asked Questions

State mandates require all Fire Departments within California to inspect and report all multiple residential occupancies units. These fire and life safety inspections will lessen the threat of fires within our community.

Inspection fees are calculated based on the number of apartment units

The information allows us to coordinate inspections and update our records.

The pre-inspection checklist and the Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Certification form. The checklist helps you prepare for the inspection and will assist us to gather the primary safety issues about your property.

The pre-inspection checklist identifies the primary safety issues on your property. Not all of the questions apply to every property. At a minimum, every unit will have smoke detectors in all sleeping rooms and the hallway adjacent, a carbon monoxide device, and a fire extinguisher. Please answer the questions to the best of your ability. (If the question does not apply you will not be required to make additional expenses?)

Check the owner’s manual, look for the independent testing laboratory’s seal and the California State Fire Marshal mark on the device. Replace devices older than ten years.

When you are ready for an inspection, please notify us via e-mail at fireinspections@avfpd.org or call us at (760) 247-7618

No, both Smoke Alarms/Detectors and Carbon Monoxide devices are required in all dwellings. However, a combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm/Detector will satisfy both requirements.

Contact a licensed fire extinguisher company. You can find a contractor with a search online or in the phone book under “Fire Extinguishers.” Before hiring a contractor, check the Contractors State Licen se Board (CSLB) web site, www.cslb.ca.gov, or call at (800) 321CSLB, to ensure the contractor is licensed and in good standing. Fire extinguishers must be installed at least 3 feet off the ground and no higher than 5 feet high. The fire extinguisher must be a size of 2A10BC .

You may install an outdoor fire extinguisher cabinet or provide an extinguisher indoors. If you have an indoor extinguisher, you must provide pr oof of purchase and certification and every unit must be provided with an extinguisher.

Board Meeting

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