Board of Directors

Board members are elected by the residents of Apple Valley. Elected Board Members serve for a term of four years. The Fire District’s Board Meetings are held monthly.  The Board meeting dates and times are posted on the website. The public is welcome and invited to attend.

COLLEEN KUHN – Board President
Ethics Certificate
Director Colleen Kuhn has more than 30 years’ experience in law enforcement, as a paramedic and the fire service beginning her career right here at Apple Valley Fire. As a long-time resident of Apple Valley and previous Board Director, Ms. Kuhn has also worked as a State Commissioner for California’s Emergency Services Authority which oversees all emergency medical services from first aid, paramedics, air and ground medical transport to emergency hospitals. Ms. Kuhn has a deep understanding of the challenges facing public safety in our community particularly with regard to the recruitment of qualified professional firefighters. She has personally worked on large devastating fires and other events. She knows how good professional training kept her crew and others safe while helping the victims of those tragic events. As a member of the Board of Directors, Colleen Kuhns brings valuable experience in the development of special programs, understanding and knowledge of today’s needs in public safety, and valuable policy development and legislation experience at the state level.
AARON CONLEY – Board Vice President

Director Aaron Conley has dedicated nearly 14 years to public safety as a Deputy Sheriff for the citizens of San Bernardino County and Apple Valley. Born and raised in Apple Valley, Aaron has a sense of pride in the Fire District and believes citizens should have and expect a highly trained and properly equipped department with decisions looked at from a public safety standpoint first. Director Conley has first-hand experience working day-to-day next to the District’s firefighters and understands the need for a more progressive approach for the District.

Director Conley has also served on the Police Activities League Executive Board as the Sergeant-at-Arms.

DAN LEARY – Director
Director Dan Leary has lived in Apple Valley since 1979.  While currently retired, Mr. Leary worked as a teacher and administrator in education for more than 40 years with 30 of those years spent right here in Apple Valley.   Director Leary has served as a member of the Board of Directors for the Apple Valley Police Activities League (AV PAL) and is currently serving on the Board of Directors of the Sunset Hills Children’s Foundation.  He was first elected to the Fire District’s Board of Directors in 2012.
DECEMBER 2020 TO December 2024

Amanda is an Apple Valley native. Her family has been in the High Desert since before the 1930s. Amanda earned a bachelor’s degree in Policy, Planning, and Development from the University of Southern California and completed the Jesse M. Unruh Graduate Fellowship while working for Assemblyman Tom Lackey at the State Capitol. She has spent numerous years working in local government, including experience in economic and community development, public affairs, human resources, building and safety, and planning. Some of her most proud achievements include earning an emergency medical technician license from Victor Valley College, completion of a phlebotomist course from the American University of Medical Technology, and earning a skydiving class “A” license from the US Parachute Association. Amanda is committed to her family, her community, and her country, and has a deep respect for emergency services.

Board Meeting

Regular Board Meeting

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 6 PM
To be held at Fire Station 336
19235 Yucca Loma Road, AV
Public is Welcome to Attend